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War and technologies
  Space combat 27th century ("Tomorrow War" PC game screenshot)  


Attention! This text is a result of autotranslation from Russian by Altavista Babelfish. It means that this article contains a huge amount of errors. We are sorry.

Russian source of this article (no errors, but no English, huh ;) is here >


The Nature of Space Wars

The reasons for conflicts between different branches of Great Race, as a rule, are opaque. For example, attack on the United Nations on January, 9, 2622, by Concordian forces is explained in two ways: as the preventive impact and as the good tendency to bring the light of Zoroastrianism into the "lands of aners and drujwants".

From its side, the United Nations officially deny any war builds up against Concordia, although actually they clearly occurred. Like is sufficiently obvious and the economic motive of probable attack UN: the luxogenium fields of the Concordian colony of Parkida. However, it is possible to assume that luxogenium was seen by the pleasant, but not main prize of the cancelled intrusion...

Other armed conflicts during 23-27th centuries were caused by the separatists' aspirations of some colonies, although this did not lead to the serious wars. But by the reason for conflicts and separate skirmishes with badly studied, but highly technologically improved extraterrestrials always caused by the impossibility to establish two-sided communication and, as a result, the complete incomprehension of sides. Examples: Jips race, Jagnoo race.

When it was possible to rapidly determine the physical principles of communication and to decipher the nucleus of ksenoyazyka, conflicts did not appear. Examples: Chorugian race, RK -27 race, RK -31 race, etc.


Basics of Strategy

Battles on Pacific Ocean 1941-1945 between American and Japan navy fleets are the nearest strategic analog of star wars.

The basis of armed forces are powerful space fleets, capable of accomplishing swift thrusts from one stellar system to another. The nucleus of fleets compose the heavily armored battleships, aircraft carriers (up to 100 fluggers each) and frigates – universal combat starships of average sizes.

All these ships and fluggers (aerospace aircrafts) being been based on them are intended:

– first, for the destruction to themselves of the similar;

– secondly – for the suppression of enemy space defense;

– and, thirdly, for guaranteeing the general supremacy in the limits of planetary system, which makes it possible to pass to the main thing: to the massive landing operation and direct occupation of enemy territory.

For the delivery of troops and their landing to the planets are intended several types of the specialized ships, and also the wide spectrum of troop-carrying fluggers.

Finally, assault troops themselves are divided into the the armored assault troops (tanks etc.), the light assault troops (so-called "mobile infantry"), fire support (ordinary, laser and plasma artillery, missile complexes, the means of anti-space defense) and special (diversionary and reconnaissance units – 'osnaz', military engineers, etc.).


Space Weapons

The world of "Tomorrow War" trilogy by A.Zorich is sustained in the retro style. Therefore there is no doubtful exotic weapons in it. That's why large starships do not incinerate each other with the aid of any there "phusers", "masers" and other phonetic imitations to magic word "laser". Yes, lasers exist – X-ray and optical both – but they so they are called: lasers, laser guns. Moreover – and this corresponds to normal physicotechnical ideas – to create super-power lasers, capable of causing heavy damage to large starships, are simply unprofitable. But as the means of antimissile defense laser guns are used widely as the combat means with fluggers. But starships are attacked and are destroyed by others, where by the more profitable and more effective types of the weapon: by rockets, by the torpedoes (so they are called very large antiship missiles) and... by big shells!

The battleships of future be armed with old good tube artillery, whose caliber reaches 900 mm. the projectiles, stuffed silumitom – by moshchneyshim explosive – they are detonated with the aid of the combination of two physical principles. First, the powerful charge of liquid powder is undermined, and, in the second place, to the windings of stem will be given the strongest electric current, which generates the electromagnetic field, which dorazgonyaet projectile to the cosmic velocities.

Also there are plasma accelerators – sufficiently capricious and not not very long-range. In the essence – such super-power flamethrowers, which spit not by the jet of fire, but by the charge of stable plasma.

Finally, in arsenal are the small-caliber automatic guns, which shoot the usual projectiles (TTP, solid-state guns). They are sufficiently widely used by fluggerami for dealing with the ground-based and low-maneuverable space targets.



Space crafts and starships in "Tomorrow War" game

Cool design was elaborated by Crioland studio artists with 1C company support. And now we can see all kinds of United Nations and Concordia fluggers as well as Chorugian spacecrafts, Jipsian "combs", Jagnoo fighters.


  "Frawashi" torpedo bomber  
  "Black thunder" fighter drafts  
  "Andromeda" cargo drafts  

"Frawashi" torpedo bomber

"Black thunder" fighter drafts
(Nippon Directory)

"Andromeda" cargo drafts
(Atlantic Directory)


  "Frawashi" attacks!  
  "Black thunder" in action  
  "Andromeda" enters atmosphere  

"Frawashi" attacks!

"Black thunder" in action

"Andromeda" enters atmosphere


You can find out drafts and screenshots at ther 1C company website:

United Nations fluggers

Concordian fluggers

Illegal armed formations (pirates) fluggers




Means of Protection

Large ships are protected by armor, in which are combined both the metallic elements and the layers of different synthetic materials – including of "clever", capable of independently patching small hole and of restoring thus the airtightness of section. Complex fire-prevention protection is provided aboard good ships. For example, on the aircraft carriers of the United Nations is a system of the replacement of the usual nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere pyro-depressornoy – on the basis of carbonate or heavy inert gases (xenon, krypton). Before the battle the crews of aircraft carriers change clothes into the fireproof pressure garment assemblies with the autonomous air supply, after which it is possible to boldly force into the internal accomodations of ship carbonic acid or krypton.

The generators of power pour on, "it is shield", also have the starships – they protect from the combat lasers and others it is specific energy weapon, and it is equal also from the natural corpuscular radiation of stars. (this emission, as must be known to amateurs NF, is one of the most serious dangers for the crews of the contemporary automatic spacecraft, deprived of the protection of natural earth's magnetic field. In particular, the protection of crew of ship from corpuscular radiation of the sun acknowledges as the most complex technical problem in all contemporary programs of the manned space flight to Mars.)

It more badly is necessary for small flight vehicles, fluggeram. Comparatively small sizes of these apparatuses sufficiently for long did not make it possible to equip with their generators of shielding field. In 2618 compact panel– generator was only created, and after three years to designer Roland For estersonu after numerous failures it was possible to bring destroyer "Durandalle'", equipped with generator, to the stage of working model. In the war with Concordia the destroyer "Durandalle'" became only fluggerom, which joined the battle, having available splendid protection from the hostile lasers.


Hyperjump technologies

"Hyperspace" in the UN Sphere is named X– matrix, and hyperjump, correspondingly, is called X-passage.

X-passage is accomplished by a starship with the aid of the sustainer engines, which work on luxogeniume. Clean luxogenium – this is the super-dense liquid, which possesses a number of anomalous properties. For example, luxogenium not at all freezes, even with absolute zero according to Kelvin. To more precisely say, luxogeniumu cannot be reported so low a temperature, at which its atoms would form rigid crystal lattice.

However, the main special feature of luxogeniuma in the fact that this substance possesses unique capability for fraktal'noy quasi-crystallization. I.e., under the specified physical conditions, for creation of which, strictly, and answers the majority of components of sustainer engines (converters, Dewar vessels and topological detonators), luxogenium forms the dynamic laminar– fibrous structure (on the jargon of zvezdoletchikov – "asbestos"), whose dimensionality in the terms of the theory of fraktalov exceeds 3 and it reaches 3.5-3.75. The value of this fractional dimensionality is usually designated by h and is called the "height of super-fold". After accepting this fractional dimensionality, luxogenium generates the super-fold (crack, figuratively speaking) in the usual 3– measured space.

After which the specific volume, whose characteristic size is called a "lambda-radius", during approximately 1 sec. changes its topology and "is pulled" into that layer of X-matrix, which corresponds to the precise value of the height of super-fold (for example, h = 3.612). In this case the direction of X-passage is assigned by the orientation of the packet of luxogeniumovogo "asbestos" in the Dewar vessels the sustainer engines, and distance – with joint mass of luxogeniuma, introduced in Dewar vessels. After X– passage luxogeniumovyy of "asbestos" in the Dewar vessels returns to the 3– measured state and it becomes luxogeniumovym slag. This slag possesses very high radioactivity and, correspondingly, by phenomenal luminosity. Specifically, hence and occurs name luxogen, i.e., in this case, the "generating light".


Emergencies and the catastrophes

Of course the technology of X– passage smoothly appears only on the paper, and in practice generate many side effects and zhutkovatykh cases. For example, a certified lambda– radius of luxogeniumovogo engine "Vostok-38" composes 180 it is meter (but diameter, lambda– sphere – respectively, 360 m). This means that if we place one "Vostok-38" in the center of the frigate, which has the length of 300 m, frigate with the reserve will be entered in the lambda– sphere and will complete normal X– passage. However, in proportion to the production of the service life of engine lambda– sphere will be compressed and after approximately 50 X– passages its diameter will approach the critical value of 310 m. if we this ignore and to continue interstellar flights, sufficiently soon can happen the catastrophe: the detachment of the stern and nose extremities of frigate, through which will pass the boundary still stronger than the pressed lambda– sphere.

Even the more unexpected situations can appear on the battleships and the aircraft carriers, which have the length of 700-800 m, which usually overlaps by lambda– spheres 4-6 engines and works of which, correspondingly, it is necessary to synchronize with jewel-like precision. In such a case, when refuses the synchronization at least of one of the engines, the certain fraction of the substance (let us say, 25%) of starship will leave for one point of space, and all the remaining substance – into another



Initially lyuksogen was obtained artificially, in very small quantities as the by-product of the tests of early trans-mutation emitters under the management of professor Danko Lipich, "new Columbus of physics", in 2120th years. At the same time the study of its special properties began. When it was explained that lyuksogen – key to the interstellar overflights, on the Earth was expanded the industrial production of synthetic luxogenium.

Subsequently in a number of planetary systems revealed the natural sources of luxogenium – substance find in the bound state in some minerals. Most famous of them – and only, suitable for the scale industrial development – is "lyuksogenovyy sand" of the planet Of parkida. Specifically, Parkida – main source of luxogenium Of velikorasy and one of the bases of the konkordianskoy economy.


Movement of ships in the regular space

The displacement of automatic spacecraft in the usual space occurs in essence on the plasma engines, which in the text of trilogy on the spaceships are called starting or manevrovo– orientational, and on fluggerakh – march.

The idea approximately the following in plasma engine. Is located conventional chemical two– or three-component fuel-. The portions of the corresponding propellant components will be given into the combustion chamber, where they burn (more precisely to say – they explode) and classical exhaust jet is formed. Without the side-line actions the discharge velocity of a similar jet would not exceed 20 km/s. Which, alas, is not enough. However, in the same combustion chamber or in the channel of expiration products are subjected to the action of lasers and/or powerful electromagnetic field. Therefore, gaseous combustion products "peregrevayutsya", they acquire additional energy, they are converted into the plasma and they leave nozzle already with speeds by the very solid: in the range from 200 to 2000 km/s. Even to these speeds far to the speed of light, and nevertheless thrust in this engine is obtained completely representative. Therefore with the expenditures of comparatively small quantities of fuel the automatic spacecraft can effectively be accelerated – i.e., as a whole are solved the problems of interplanetary overflights without the attraction of lyuksogenovykh engines.

Plus to this, in a number of cases, especially with the starts from the prepared spaceports, for purposes of the fuel economy and, correspondingly, increase in the radius of action (or payload) on fluggerakh are used also the solid-propellant accelerators of "classical" diagrams.

Actually, speed rarely exceeds 100 km/s (360000 km/h) in open space, although it can reach 500 km/s and more. However, although there are no direct physical limitations – they be absent the resisting force of medium – for fluggerov and, in a number of cases, for the spaceships it is introduced the concept of maximum speed. Maximum speed is dictated by tactical considerations and is connected with the independence of fluggera, its maneuverability and point of no return.


UN Space Fleet

MSF (Military Space Forces) consist of Space Grand Fleet (SGF) and ASD Command – Anti Space Defense.

Into the composition of SGF also enters the large part of "mosquito fleet" – combat fluggers. Almost all fluggery of voyenflota have deck basing, then exists they are assigned to the aircraft carriers and some other spacecraft. Remaining fluggery are included in composition of forces PKO, where it is used either from the earth bases or from the orbital fortresses.

Basic classes of combat spaceships – battleships, aircraft carriers, frigates, monitors and trawlers. Them adjoin, as the auxiliary forces, the tugs, different vessels of supply and guarantee, and also orbital fortresses, which are subordinated to ASD Command.

Apart in this structure stand the landing spaceships, main classes of which are universal landing aircraft carriers and tank-landing ships.

"Mosquito fleet" consist of the combat fluggers, ensure fluggers and troop-carrying fluggers.

The combat fluggers include the fighters, assault aircrafts, torpedo bombers and hunters (that also calls "barraging destroyers").

To those ensuring – fluggers of radar patrol, intelligence, electronic warfare ("jammers"), search and rescue.


Concordian Space Fleet

According to the classes of ships and fluggerov konkordianskiy fleet is such to fleet IT. It is less by strength, and in a qualitative respect the difference between the oldest and newest ships more strongly is appeared.

Concordia is economically weaker than UN; therefore it cannot allow itself to renew ship composition so intensively. Thus, some types of battleships and aircraft carriers of building 2580-2590 in the strongest fleets IT to 2620 already were brought out from the composition of squadron forces and pereklassifitsirovany into the orbital fortresses. Concordia could not allow herself a similar luxury; therefore her ships of the same years of building, after undergoing sequential innovation repair, since the beginning of the war continued to count in the first line and intensively were used in the operations on the seizure of colonies IT in the Sinapsian Belt.

Specifically, numerical superiority IT forced Concordia to search for different nontrivial tactical methods. For example, konkordianskiye frigates mastered during the studies the methods of group torpedo attacks against the large ships. But in IT, where they adhered to the classical concept of frigate as the ship of escort and cover, similar attacks were mastered only by torpedo bombers, i.e., by specially intended for this fluggerami. It would seem, trifle, but in the real military engagements for konkordianskim frigates it was possible to thoroughly pull Italian and 2 German battleships in the course of the attacks, which according to our tactical standards were considered suicidal.


Ground forces of the United Nations

Tank troops, which are augmented by three forms of the infantry, remain impact force: mobile, air– assault and heavy. For their support there are rocket– artillery troops, for the protection – their own air defense units and PKO, for the fire action on the enemy from air – regiments of attack helicopters. Also there are troops of connection, an electronic reconnaissance, engineer units, physicians, chemists and one additional separate branch of services – infobor'ba (radio-electronic opposition, masking, etc.).

On the whole, the structure of army is outwardly very close to the usual contemporary, although the internal content differs substantially. This is connected with the fact that the army is intended for the actions not only on the zemlepodobnykh planets, but also for the operations on the atmosphereless cosmic bodies (classical example: Moon), and also on the planets with the toxic atmosphere.

Thus, only 45% of all ground forces they are the "forces of the general purpose". Rest 55% consist of the specialized parts and connections. Many divisions are oriented to assault actions, i.e., landing from the orbit to the surface of celestial body. Some individual regiments and battalions are equipped with technology and armament, designed for the application under the critical conditions: heavy planets (with substantially increased gravitational force), the dense and toxic atmosphere, continuous ice cover, cold mountain-wilderness locality (planets of the type of Mars).

In contrast to the forces of the general purpose, each such part is formed as completely autonomous and is reached into the region of actions together with the 60– day supply of oxygen, water and foodstuffs. Also compulsorily is reached the domelike military post with the completely airtight construction, for which answer 1-2 engineering and comissariat companies. Such regiments and battalions are called "harbor", although, in contrast to clean osnaza, to leave for the raids for these parts it is necessary far from always. Most frequently they are called to oboznachivat' military presence IT on the freshly-open planets with the antropofobnymi conditions in such a case, when these planets for any reasons it is decided to include in the sphere Of velikorasy. The reasons for such, are easy to see, three: valuable mineral, advantageous strategic position, the presence of interesting technogenic ksenoob"ektov. Well and in the case of serious war with the race k, inclined to the settling on the antropofobnykh planets, precisely, harbor regiments are called to come out, together with the "azure berets", as the assault forces, since other landing force members to this are prepared more badly, but the forces of the general purpose – and are not completely prepared.


Concordian ground forces

Ground forces of Concordias as military– space forces, are similar to the terrestrial. , where a certain specific character is revealed, it is assigned by the chaotic attempts to be prepared for the war with chorugami. Klonskiy Setad-e Of bozorg (general staff), in contrast to the military experts IT, is inclined to consider that the war with chorugami is inevitable. Does escape this from the especially religious postulates (chorugi – drudzhvanty?), or Concordia has available a certain super-important information, which does not want to be divided HE – it is unclear, but almost all klonskiye analogs of terrestrial harbor it is regimental they were equipped and they were trained precisely for the actions on the chorugskikh planets: gravitational force near 3g, pressure 3-4 atm, heavenly body – old Red Star with the low luminosity.


Special troops of the United Nations

Elite infantry of Russian directory is brought to the individual companies, the battalions and the brigades of osnaz – special designation. In organizational sense these parts are distributed between the reconnaissance of fleet and the reconnaissance of army. Several our own battalions of osnaz are located GSA.

Each battalion, and often also each company they have their specialization, i.e.,: "evacuators" (release of hostages, special the removal of values), "transport workers" (diversion on the communications), "industrialists" (diversion in enterprises), strictly intelligence officers (collection of information in all forms, in such cases on the position of temporary illegal rezidentury), etc.

Osnaz of fleet – to the larger degree "space", i.e., its soldiers, besides the excellent landing– land preparation, obtain additional habits, skills and corresponding equipment for the actions out of the atmosphere. In particular, there are special companies for the taking to the boarding of ships in open space. They adapt, in the first place, against the civil and the transport it is ship, the transporting separately valuable passengers or loads. But is possible the boarding of the combat spaceships of enemy – in those cases, if they are badly damaged and partially or completely left by crew. In the last situation the boarding party of osnaz can be landed for the search for important documents or dismantling of secret equipment, but sometimes and for the repair actions, for mine clearing and preparation of bridgehead for the actions of emergency parties. Specifically, so during March 2622 was seized konkordianskiy aircraft carrier "rimush".

Also in osnaze of fleet, as in GSA'S osnaze, there are individual companies, which supplement the harbor regiments of army. In contrast to the army harbor it is regimental, these companies are oriented not to the retention of the key points of locality, but to impulse offensive actions to the antropofobnykh planets and other celestial bodies. Specifically, these parts, "azure berets", are most prepared osnazom of armed forces IT.


Special troops of Concordia

Most famous konkordianskiy Special Force – "scorpion". This of the special-purpose force of ground forces, sufficiently numerous. Besides strictly the special, i.e., re1dovo– diversionary tasks, on "scorpion" frequently are assigned a mission of usual assault parts, i.e., the debarkation in the first echelon of planetary landing, seizure and retention of bridgeheads.

Also there are the so-called "people cavalry regiments" – the exponential guards units, completed exclusively by pekhlevanami. Of course at the battlefield cavalrymen appear by no means on the horses, although they obtain the outstanding upper preparation, which they willingly demonstrate in peacetime during the holidays and the celebrations.

Further, is huntsman housing Of "aturan" – special, also sufficiently numerous, the formation, which has the double subordination: organizationally it belongs to land army, but the majority of its parts operationally is under the jurisdiction by the zoroastriyskoy secret of the police of "Ash". It is possible to say that "aturan" is not only the excellently prepared connection of battlefield, but also the anti-rebels Special Force.

Finally, the most qualitative and many-sidedly prepared Special Force has available the reconnaissance of konkordianskogo fleet. Semi-officially it is called "Asmara" (verbatim – "heavy spear"), and official name in it bulky and inexpressive: "long-penetrartion team of the 7th fleet staff section". In "Asmara" they enroll only pekhlevanov and only after the strictest selection. Its soldiers (by the way, into "asmara" numerous women) obtain the preparation, in nothing which does not be inferior to our "azure berets", and rightfully they are considered some of the most dangerous representatives Velikorasy.


Special services

The largest Special service IT Is GSA – Global Agency Of safety. It is occupied by literally all, including extensive searches on the themes of the factor Of k. takzhe to GSA they lie the function of general external reconnaissance, which works both against Concordia and against the reasonable races of extraterrestrial origin.

Besides GSA, there are VDU GSH – military– diplomatic administration of general staff, which has its divisions in all large colonial kommendatures and on board many ships of the first rank. Divisions VDU must in the case of the appearance of representatives of unknown extraterrestrial race (race k) by all means attempt to avoid engagement. On the strength of the fact that on the conditions of introductory about the race k it is known in exact figures nothing, military diplomats have available all conceivable translators, parsers, devices of input/output and processing of the information (including – extraterrestrial).

Third interesting structure – Glavdal'razvedka. This is the non-departmental organization, which manages imposing flotilla of formally noncombat spaceships and so formally civil a personnel. Glavdal'razvedka regularly sends its expeditions into all corners of galaxy, to what extent is sufficient the radius of action of spaceships. Its task – meticulous cataloging of celestial bodies, the development of interesting planets (water, air, minerals), the completion of astrographic list. Certainly, in the composition of each expedition Of glavdal'razvedki compulsorily be present the colleagues GSA.

Also there are two traditional military intelligence: army and sailor. This is the complete analog of famous GRU.

But the most ominous and deeply conspired special service – counter espionage, the similarity Stalin SMERSH. Counter espionage is officially named the main administration of information opposition (GUIP); also it can come out from the person of fictitious services "field utilization" and "sankontrol'". Therefore servicemen call counter espionage sometimes "medical orderlies", sometimes by "utilizers", but they most frequently name it on the old tradition: "dissent". "dissent", as it is assumed, is occupied with the search of hostile agents and saboteurs, it proceeding from the presumption of the fact that the ominous race k is capable of creating the precise copies of people and of injecting these replikantov in the military and civil structures.

Counter espionage outgrew by a countless quantity of legends. In it allegedly, besides people, serve specially invited sirkhi and chorugi, since chorugi possess molecular sight, and sirkhi, again allegedly – as plenty telepathic abilities. Also there is the opinion that the counter espionage has available ksenooruzhiyem, including disintegrators and frizerami.

In Concordia the similar structure of special services. Exception is only zaotarskaya secret police of "Ash", whose analogs in IT be absent. To this organization are entrusted the tasks of the suppression of heavy religious crimes, in particular – fight with manikheyami.


Secret weapons and technologies

Admirals IT lay special hopes for the destroyer "dyurandal'", which has already been discussed above, and on X– cruiser.

X– cruiser – last word of the space technologies of Russian directory. These super-contemporary spaceships are capable of stably being in the boundary layers of X– matrix, i.e., in the zone of dimensionality 3.05 – 3.1. This allows for them, remaining completely invisible from the usual 3– measured space, news observation with the aid of the mass– locators of the hostile spaceships. After engaging advantageous position, X– cruiser they accomplish jump into the 3– measured space, they attack enemy torpedoes and swiftly "dive" conversely. Thus, X– cruiser – this is the enormous space submarine, which, true, in contrast to the contemporary submarine, for the attack of enemy is forced on the short period to show "on the surface".

Alas, for this important tactical advantage it is necessary to pay. From 70% to 90% of internal volume of X– cruisers it is occupied with the most complex and very capricious aggregates, including annular lyuksogenoprovodami, which, strictly, and ensure the stable 3– regularity of ship in the X– matrix. All this economy regularly breaks; therefore the large part of the crew compose officer– engineers technology. Also on the X– cruisers very poor suitability for inhabitation. From this parameter they not far left from the submarines of the times of the second world.

Concordia stands somewhat lower IT on the level of technological development; therefore by such achievements khayteka brag cannot. However, when there is no its superkhayteka, to the aid comes the stranger. Concordia by decades conducted investigation of the anomalous physical properties of planet verb, caused, as it will be explained in the last book of trilogy, by the activity of one developed extraterrestrial race. On the basis of these searches it was succeeded in creating the models of very dangerous armaments. These models, however, as express themselves designers, "they are not led". In combat of the first months of war to use them they were not solved. But, as we understand, when situation at the fronts are poor, last trumps go in the course. So that in the novel "time – Moscow!" klonskoye miracle– weapon still will attempt to say its weighty word.

Furthermore, Concordia even before the war created the enormous flying batteries – so-called rocket monitors. It was possible to preserve this fact in strict secrecy. It turned out that under the favorable tactical conditions these vulnerable and clumsy ships can be very effective. Especially if their purposes are the peaceful cities of the Earth, cannot be been missed past which...


Giant ships and the space fortresses

Velikorasa is not obsessed by megalomania. The largest spaceships do not exceed along the length of kilometer. The largest orbital fortresses have sizes from the force two or three times large. Rate is done not to the supergiants, but to the large-scale building of the warships of the moderate sizes as in the leading contemporary fleets.

The most capacious spaceships Of velikorasy are the European "large Hans" – transports with the enormous cargo hold, in which can be placed atomic submarine. At the end of the war with Concordia these transports ("Neystria", "Austrasia", "Thuringia", etc.) played important role in the support of an operation on the seizure of Parkida.


Nuclear weapon

For understanding of the entire internal logic of trilogy "tomorrow war" is extremely important the following moment: IT and Concordia several months after the beginning of war shooting adhered to the knightly principles of waging of war. Despite the fact that the surprise attack of Concordias was accompanied by a series of scale diversions; including on the civil objects of the Earth – the clones managed without OMP, although there exactly was great the temptation to use a chemical, and biological weapon.

This is easy to explain. First, zoroastriyskaya ethics – by no means worse thing in the world. In the second place, elementary logic prompts that to use OMP with impunity is possible only against the anthill. Any respecting itself super-power OF THE XXVII century, even if its military potential is blown up to 90% with the aid of OMP, will search for the possibilities from the last forces to apply to enemy the crushing retaliatory attack by the surviving nuclear weapon.

The problem OMP is had military technical aspect. In THE XXIV century to standby alert was placed the system of global atomic defense – "Nigredo". The emitters of the remote transmutation of heavy radioactive elements find in arsenal of this system. At a distance into ten and even hundreds of thousands of kilometers they are capable of assuredly render inoperableing any atomic and subatomic ammunition, converting plutonium and californium into lead and other stable elements. Certainly, has its deficiencies – let us say the system "Nigredo", it requires completely fantastic power consumption. Figuratively speaking, entire electricity in the civil networks will disappear at the moment of switching on of trans-mutation emitters on the Earth. Yes even emitters themselves have cyclopean sizes – as the largest contemporary radiotelescopes. Therefore to install "Nigredo" it was possible, besides the Earth, only on tens of other most important planets, including to four klonskikh. Thus, the freedom of the application of an atomic weapon remains with respect to the majority of colonies, and also any combat spaceships, which are located beyond the limits of the denuclearized zones of eleven planets, which have available system "Nigredo".

This, of course, large problem, because the desire to explode hateful enemy aircraft carriers by one– only torpedo with atomic BCH steadily it grew in proportion to the escalation of war also finally somebody of the konkordianskikh naval commanders did not restrain...



  Military propaganda 27th century  
  Officer's Calendar 2622  
  'Tomorrow War' wallpapers  

Military propaganda 27th century

Officer's Calendar 2622








Rambler's Top100
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