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Military propaganda, 27th century
(Art for "Tomorrow War" trilogy by Alexander Zorich)


  Scorpion strings to death!  
  Protect the Sacred Light!  

"Scorpion strings to death!"
Concordia, 2619 year
Special operation forces "Scorpion" are always ready to exterminate evil of both human and non-human origin in any point of Cosmos, and are passionately loved by ashvanti

"Protect the Sacred Light!"
Concordia war-time poster, 2622 year
Symbolizes unbreakable unity of pahlavis and dems, female ashvanti and male ashvanti before the face of three-headed snake, puked by Angra-Mani: Russian Hegemonism, European Atheism and Asian Buddhism.

  Space will be ours!  
  Proud of Russia!  

"Space will be ours!"
Russian Directory, 2620 year

"Proud of Russia!"
Jubilee poster on 540 years of Russian Space Forces.
Russian Directory, 2621 year

  Happy New Year! Happy New Victory!  
  Get them light up!  

"Happy New Year! Happy New Victory!"
Russian pilots, tank crewman and special agent (woman at the left) in the occupied Concordian city
Russian Directory, 2622 year

"Get them light up!"
Russian tank crewmen and assault troopers are occupying Parkida planet (Concordian colony)
Russian Directory, 2622 year

Artist Roman "Amok" Papsuev
Copyholder 13 Roentgen gamedesign studio









Rambler's Top100
AST Publishing declared, that the novel "Moscow Time" will appear in bookshops in the end February. But even now you can learn much that is new about future Russia and get to know many facts, that were not described in first and second books of Zorich's trilogy. The republication of Zorich's "Vault of Equilibrium" goes at full speed. The first book of cycle, "Love and Rule", appeared on Christmas. The second book "You Win" will be published in February. "The Combat Vehicle of Love" and "The Light Time of Night" are on a waiting list! The computer game "Tomorrow War" that made after the novel of Alexander Zorich is very close to release. The experts say that this project will be one of the most prominent space simulator in all history of that genre.