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United Nations Sphere: Introduction


Attention! This text is a result of autotranslation from Russian by Altavista Babelfish. It means that this article contains a huge amount of errors. We are sorry.

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World's name: United Nations Sphere.

Synonims: "Tomorrow War", world of the 27th century Russia.

Source: "Tomorrow War" – "With no Mercy" – "Moscow Time" trilogy

Implementation: "Tomorrow War" PC game.

Timeline: 2621-2622, i.e. 27th century

Focus: Russian Directory and its extraterrestrial colonies.



"At the edge of spaceport, not from whom being concealed, turned yellow by marble the station of the metro. Train already awaited us.

When we settle into the railroad cars, Nekhrushch continued.

– The history of Krasnoyarsk-26 began even in the pre-cosmic era, soon after the victory above the German fascism. The country needed the completely invulnerable, autonomous production of weapons plutonium. They decided to completely hide gigantic mining and chemical combine in the galleries and the halls, cut in one of the ridges of Sayan Mountaines. By several years later they here transferred the part of the aerospace industry. During the First Cold War here, into Kranoyarsk-26, were solved tens of most complex tasks, which ensured to Russia superiority over the North Atlantic Treaty in a number of key, strategic technologies. At the same time Krasnoyarsk-26 was called the unofficial Technopolice. The second generation Krasnoyarsk-26 survived in the 40's Twenty First century, when government after the solution of the most vital political problems accepted "Plan 44-77", frequently named on the slogan of those years "Russia can do it!" All you know that the execution of this program changed not only Russia, but also entire peace...

Oh, sure, we know... Even clones teach it in the school! What to say us about!

"Russia can do it!" – this is the basics of world history. You will rather find man, who did not hear what is Stalingrad battle or who is Zinovi Kolobanov!

Program "Russia can do it!" led to the full translation of the country into inexpensive computers and software of domestic development. Then the turn also of entire other electronic rubbish came, then – automobiles and prestige construction materials. Any there Mercedes from the East Asian slipshod workers departed from the Russian market in order to return to it only century later in the completely new quality of the products of our state capital, prepared by foreign vassal enterprises. The system entered twelve newest aircraft carriers even six battleships – all atomic. The powerful military space group was expanded: several divisions of orbital interceptors to protect Russia against a missile attacks of any strength.

In 2079 the last twenty dollars paper, brought into the State Bank of Russia by the unfortunate heir of some crazy scrooge, was acquired for one ruble twenty three kopecks. They returned green twenty rouble note into the Historical Museum, where it they can to this day see all those desiring..."




In the foundation of UN Sphere world lays "Tomorrow War" trilogy by Alexander Zorich:

2003 – Tomorrow War

2004 – With No Mercy

2006 – Moscow Time


 Tomorrow War cover 
 With No Mercy cover 
 Moscow Time cover 

Tomorrow War

With No Mercy

Moscow Time



More books of Tomorrow War Universe

Latest books by Alexander Zorich:

2008 – Morning on the Ship

2011 – Tough Pilot

2011 – Outlaw Pilot


 Morning on the Ship 
 Tough Pilot cover 
 Outlaw Pilot cover 

Morning on the Ship

Tough Pilot

Outlaw Pilot






UN Sphere

Great Race is an official autonym of Humanity of future.

The overall level of the development of technology is very high. Interstellar overflights without the high expenditures of time became the matter sufficiently usual, although they require large, complex ships with the lyuksogenovymi engines. True, personal teleportatsiya is as before not realized. Then there is the technology, which makes it possible in the local volume to emulate gravitational force and to govern its vector.

Much cheap energy give old, but reliable TNPS – thermonuclear power stations. In the Solar system are settled the Moon, Mars, large asteroids, satellites of giant planets. Beyond the limits solar constant, economically profitable colonies exist approximately on fifty planets. Even on several hundred planets are located separate scientific and military targets. The standard of living of average earthling it is not possible to name fairytale (for a good automobile as before necessary to pay money, and big enough), but the quality of life – very high. Criminality, addiction, routine work, imposed on mediakratiyey mass psychoses, sharp municipal disorder – everything remained in the past.

By the sphere Of velikorasy it is accepted to call that region of galaxy, which is kolonizovana by people. Of course the sphere Of velikorasy is not sphere in the precise geometric sense of this word, but is complex three-dimensional body.

At the beginning of XXVII century the sphere Of velikorasy had characteristic size on the order of 4500 parsecs along the greatest chord and 1870 – on the smallest.


Concordia and the United Nations

Great Race is divided into two super-powers: the United Nations (UN) and Concordia. UN – this, speaking in general terms, all earthlings plus is the majority of extraterrestrial colonies. But Concordia – this is the colony of Veretragna, which in its time proclaimed independence, and also number of other colonies, with it based.

The retrospective evolution (but same this term it appeared more lately) became the deep reason of the education of Concordias. Once, in THE XXIV century, the entire population of one large colony, after awaking in the morning, came to the conclusion that it simply should accept good faith, i.e., zoroastrianism, under the spiritual leadership of man, who proclaimed himself pervouchitelem on the name Of rimush. Following their wonderful rotation into zoroastrianism all inhabitants of colony sufficiently rapidly mastered the language of Farsi (on which thus far spoke only the insignificant part of the population of colony), they renamed their colony into Khosrov, and planet – into Vertragnu. Then they were turned to the remaining part Of velikorasy the so-called "seventeen postulates Of rimusha" – by the global program, which implied the complete social reconstruction of the United Nations on the zoroastriyskim canons. Of course "postulates" not were taken, after which the population of colony stated about its complete sovereignty and molding of state subject Concordia.


Retrospective evolution

This mysterious phenomenon affected the United Nations. For example, on the planet, which was called large by Moore, live Russian retrospekty, which "carried off" into the such merry Russia– mother with the beards to the belt, oberegami and mixed heathen– Old Faith world view. Furthermore, retrospective evolution oshchushchayetsya also in the metropole, on the Earth. Therefore instead of the "operator of the systems of tracking" the pilots of voyenflota speak "aircraft observer", and instead of "personal computer" – "plane-table".

However, the force of the action of retroevolyutsii on the earthlings is considerably weaker than that, which in its time tested on itself the konkordianskaya metropole Of vertragna.


UN political system

The United Nations – confederation of several super-power directories with the official capital on Fiji Islands. Most significant directories are Russia, Europe, Nippon, Asia, Hindu, Islam, South America and Pacifida. To somewhat less significant directories are brought the non-Muslim states of Africa. The former USA, Canada and Great Britain compose Atlantic directory.

Russian directory – world leader, it follow Europe, South America, Nippon and Hindu. Remaining directories are deprived of status of combatants, i.e., participates only in the economic and the cultural, but not in the military-political activity IT. In this case the standard of living, which is substantial, in some nations -nekombatantov is higher than in other combatants. Absolute champion of the standard of living is directory Islam.

Thus, each culture obtained that which more answered its spirit. Arabs, for example, little work and much are entertained, and at the same time still and it is completely released of the need for serving in the army, flying into space and being occupied by other completely nonorganic for them things. In the former USA also they cheer themselves, they drink beer, play into baseball from the morning to the night and at long last they got rid of their tiresome materialism, which to them – in the historical perspective – was there is no time completely alien. But, for example, Europeans and Russians much work, they fly into space, and they move science, and military– space fleets contain – therefore as in these civilizations presently historical predlezhaniye to the impulse, the exploit, the holy cross day.

To the aforesaid one should add that into the United Nations enter also the numerous extraterrestrial colonies, which are allotted for different nation– combatants and they are legally the territory of the corresponding super-powers on the rights of sub-directories.



Great Concordia – unitary theocratic state, capital of which is Khosrov city on the planet Of vertragna. Furthermore, to Concordia belong two ten colonies. Established religion – zoroastrianism, language – Farsi. Social device – caste. Highest caste – zaotary (zoroastriyskiye bogosluzhiteli theologians), further – pekhlevany (professional soldiers), entli (intellectuals) and demy (everything else). Demy and part of entli are created industrially with the aid of the cloning. In view of this special feature, conversational name of Concordias in earthlings – clone.

Highest legislative organ – people sofa. Highest executive – Great Divan.

But actually the main power structure of Concordias is the council of supreme zaotarov, named good conference. In the chapter of good conference it costs rakhbar (leader).

The spiritual authority of good conference is so great, that his "wishes" and "recommendations" automatically acquire the force of laws and implicitly they are considered as the foundation for the entire state– administrative activity in both sofas. In this case the citizens of Concordias not privykli to mention aloud either about by good conference or about its rakhbare.


The United Nations by the eyes of Concordias people

Peace, populated by anerami and drudzhvantami. Anery in zoroastrianism – this not blagovernye, but not using personally to evil and lie people, which hypothetically can become ashvantami, i.e., by the conscious servants of good and truth. Drudzhvanty – adherents of Druj, world Lie.

The universal project of miroustroyeniya from the point of view of konkordianskikh ideologists implies the destruction of drudzhvantov and the rotation of anerov into zoroastrianism. Which, of course, is impossible without occupation and dismantling of the United Nations.

However, up to 2622 Concordia supported UN good neighborly relations and willingly sold lyuksogen in exchange for the armament and technologies.


Concordia by the eyes of UN people

Concordia is accepted by the overwhelming majority of population UN is quite neutrally. People of UN relative to Concordia know, chiefly that there live the "clones and some retrospects", that visa to obtain difficultly, the tickets there be worth dearly and making to there "normal person" something.

In this case at the level of staffs and governments of the United Nations Concordia was always received as the source of the constantly growing threat, also, in the best case – not very advantageous ally in the war on the "Factor K" scenario.


Extraterrestrial races

There are four extraterrestrial races near UN Sphere frontier: Sirkhs, Chorugs, Jips and Jagnoo.

Sirkhs. Something average between the large flying squirrels and the tomcats. They are sufficiently cultural, likable, but they do not have developed technologies and they are not inclined to the formation of urban type civilizations.

Chorugs. Reasonable crustaceans, are very advanced technologically – their integral index of development is approximately equal to terrestrial. They are not approached the scale colonization of space, their area of settling is limited by several planets, although the Space Age began in them by several millenia earlier than in earthlings.

With "scientifically-entertaining" purposes Chorugs studied practically entire Galaxy. Therefore information about the majority of extraterrestrial races, whose possessions are located at a distance into tens of thousands of parsecs from the boundaries of the UN Sphere, by earthlings was on the grains obtained precisely from Chorugs.

Jips. The very ancient race, which exceeded the limits of maternal planet hundreds of thousands years ago. They anticipate earthlings in some key industries of technology. Social device is not explained, the limits of morphological variability – also. Outwardly they look like the large flight vehicles having functionally impossible, from the point of view of earthling, construction. Jips settle inside the controlled asteroid-spaceships. Great Race could not be in the contact with them.

Jagnoo. The first contact to Jagnoo took place during April 2621 at the same time it occurred and first combat with this very dangerous, aggressive and technologically powerful race. Details of this story the inquisitive reader learns from the book "Moscow Time", and player – from the game "Tomorrow War".

To the aforesaid one should add that in space humanity revealed many most different artificial objects and remains, that belong to the unknown races: from the very primitive articles, adequate to our Paleolith, to inexplicable from the point of view of "natural" astronomy metaobjects – for example, aggregation made of several black holes in one orbit. All this is occupied the science of xenoarcheology, and the results of its researches are very thrilled.


Learn more: War and Technologies




 Military propaganda 27 โๅ๊เ 
 Officer's Calendar 2622 
 Wallpapers ๏๎ ์๎๒่โเ์ ์่๐เ 'Tomorrow War' 

Military propaganda of 27th century

Officer's Calendar 2622








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AST Publishing declared, that the novel "Moscow Time" will appear in bookshops in the end February. But even now you can learn much that is new about future Russia and get to know many facts, that were not described in first and second books of Zorich's trilogy. The republication of Zorich's "Vault of Equilibrium" goes at full speed. The first book of cycle, "Love and Rule", appeared on Christmas. The second book "You Win" will be published in February. "The Combat Vehicle of Love" and "The Light Time of Night" are on a waiting list! The computer game "Tomorrow War" that made after the novel of Alexander Zorich is very close to release. The experts say that this project will be one of the most prominent space simulator in all history of that genre.