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The Circle of Lands: Introduction
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World name: The Circle of Lands

Synonims: Sarmontazara and Blue Alustral

Source: "The Ways of Starborned" cycle (3 novels) and "The Vault of Equilibrium" cycle (4 novels).

Secondary sources: stories "Oh, sergamena!", "Rush-Rush", "Perjures", "The Dragonfly's Ship", "Nothing Sacred", "Grey Tulip", "We are undivided".

The first temporal knot: 562-545 years of Hoomer Wars Epoque

The second temporal knot: 62-65 years of Two Calendars Epoque


From the essay about Alexander Zorich:

"Zorich made a debut in 1997 by novel "The Sign of Destruction", which immediately drew to itself the public attention. This stylish, sharpened, original work already has long ago not mounted on the scant fields of the "sword and magic" fantasy, which overgrew by the stunted clones of Conan, Frodo and lord Korvin. Writer attempted to rethink entire massif of left to it fantasy and on the ruins of classical genre concepts to erect its own dark tower, which damages by simplicity of outlines and by the complexity architectural of the forms used.

The novel, which opened cycle about the Circle of Lands, proved to be to the rarity successful, and left after it of the book "Seed of Wind" and the "Ways of Reflected" (latter it was then republished by the name "The Ways of Starborned") only confirmed that in the our fantasy the very interesting author appeared.

In the novels about the Circle of Lands and the Vault of Equilibrium Alexander Zorich always follows the path of the greatest resistance. He constantly devises the giddy turnings of subject, the unexpected ideas also of whimsical essences, by which it is difficult to select analogs in world fantasy.

Are very original, for example, "geographical magic" from "The Sign of Destruction", beast Zuanrat consisting of the volcanic lava formless gigantic monster, that devours the Everonoth lands, or the singing bat Kheguru monster with extremely curious psychology and philosophical views on existence.

Are interesting the means of main heroes standing created by writer on the different sides of Good and Evil of strong people, moved with strong feelings and emotions. Positive heroes of Zorich always individualists to the bone. Often their behavior appear simply severely. Without a moment's hesitation, ruins women Gailliris White Smith Elien the Tremgor provided to temporarily return to the life his killed beloved of Gaet. As the gift of Kharmana the Gamelin it presents to new lover Gerfegest the Kongetlar the cut off head of the lover of previous, her brother..."

("If" Magazine)




"The Ways of Starborned" cycle

"The Ways of Starborned" consists of 3 novels: "The Sign of Destruction", "The Seed of Wind" and "The Ways of Starborned".

It is an epic, heroic novels. They tell about the Third Hoomer Breath War.


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The Sign of Destruction

The Seed of Wind

The Ways of Starborned




"The Ways of Starborned": constructing a World

The Sign of Destruction. For ages the Circle of Lands was shaken by grandiose wars. And although those wars between High Creatures are in the past the will of vanished gods, their magical artifacts and fighting monsters still rules the lives of Sarmontazara. Approaching comet signifies the appearance of the Starborned three great warriors and magicians capable of conquering the World. They are: Elien Tremgor The White Hummerman of Hailliris; Oktang Urhaine The Dark Slave of Hoomer; and Shet oks Lagin general balancing on the verge between Darkness and Light. The war of the three sons of Taia-Aroan Star is inevitable.

The Sign of Destruction is written in the genre of action fantasy. It's romantic and reminds ancient poems and Iceland's sagas.

The Seed of Wind. The House of Kongetlars, hired assassins and invincible warriors, is completely destroyed in a horrible civil war. Gerfegest Kongetlar the last warrior of the fallen House is hiding in the mountain sanctuary to protect ancestral magical artifact The Seed of Wind. However he is unsafe even on the edge of civilization. Magicians of the Circle of Lands are trying hard to capture The Seed of Wind for the great war which might have no victors. Gerfegest Kongetlar is drawn into a round of bloody intrigues, breaking down majestic Houses of Blue Alustral...

This fantasy novel is famous among other things for its exquisite erotic atmosphere and battle scenes.

The Ways of Starborned. The dark shade of Oktang Urhaine is again upon the Circle of Lands. The Year of Taia-Aroan brings him lots of breath-taking prospects. Urhaine finds the way to correct events of the past and bends Sarmontazara in his will. He makes Sarmontazara's people follow the Way of Blessed Prosperity. Now the star borned brothers of the Dark Lord ought to fight the enemy, whose power is greatly multiplied.

This lyrical book concludes the cycle The Ways of Starborned, it ends the plotlines and leaves the reader intrigued concerning the future of Sarmontazara and its people.




"The Vault of Equilibrium" tetralogy

There are 4 novels in this excited cycle: "Love and Rule", "You Win", "The Combat Vehicle of Love" and "The Light of Nighttime".

The events of tetralogy occur 600 years after the end of "The Ways of Starborned".

"The Vault of Equlibrium" is a magic service for Varanian national security defense. To job and to the secrets of this service are dedicated the books of cycle.


  'Love and Rule' cover illustration  
  'You Win' cover illustration  
  'The Combat Vehicle of Love' cover illustration  
  The Light of Nighttime cover illustration  

Love and Rule

You Win

The Combat Vehicle of Love

The Light of Nighttime





"The Vault of Equilibrium": constructing a Hero

Love and Rule. Knight Egin is a member of a secret paramilitary order called The Vault of Equilibrium. This order executes the duties of inquisition in Varan Kingdom where all the magical activities are punishable with death penalty. Egin accidentally becomes the owner of an ancient fighting mechanism powered by magic force. At the same time this bewitching machine has its own will and lots of ideas concerning the persons who must be killed. Egin must stop the heartless killer. And the life of his lady depends on him...

Love and Rule is a perfect example of intelligence fantasy with exciting intrigue.

You win. What Egin that has fallen into disgrace in The Vault of Equilibrium will find in Honey Beach, a godforsaken province of Varan Kingdom? Will it be boredom, hard drinking and slow ethical degradation? No, exiled Egin won't give up. There, in Honey Beach, Egin begins the investigation of the cruel murder of his collegue and this investigation yields lots of unexpected results: love of a foreign spy Luspena, fight with evil spirits and even his own death for the sake of mystical revival and transformation, according to the secret oracles of the Motley Path.

This is the second novel about knight Egin and omnipotent Vault of Equilibrium. It is full of humor and sudden turns of events.

The Combat Vehicle of Love. Anybody could become a warlock if only he had a book. The third novel about Egin returns us to the magical world of Sarmontazara and paramilitary order The Vault of Equilibrium. The black magicians and werewolves baroness Zverda and baron Shosha use novice warlock Laraf as a weapon to bring disasters to the Kingdom of Varan. Egin a retired officer of the Vault of Equilibrium is forced to get back to order's business: his former colleagues and friends are in danger.

The Light of Nighttime. It is the fourth book of cycle The Vault of Equilibrium. The reader is introduced to the secrets of applied magic and court backstairs. An amateur warlock is much more dangerous then an experienced wizard the madness of the world is on his side. Because of the clumsy warlock Laraf, the new head of The Vault of Equilibrium, a flourishing city has perished in fire and Falm peninsula where barons-werewolves, inhabiting unassailable castles, fight and make peace, has turned into a vast battlefield. Egin, the former officer of The Vault of Equilibrium, cannot pass by this war between people and werewolves. Love and duty draw him into the very heart of the battle.



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The Vault of Equilibrium









Rambler's Top100
AST Publishing declared, that the novel "Moscow Time" will appear in bookshops in the end February. But even now you can learn much that is new about future Russia and get to know many facts, that were not described in first and second books of Zorich's trilogy. The republication of Zorich's "Vault of Equilibrium" goes at full speed. The first book of cycle, "Love and Rule", appeared on Christmas. The second book "You Win" will be published in February. "The Combat Vehicle of Love" and "The Light Time of Night" are on a waiting list! The computer game "Tomorrow War" that made after the novel of Alexander Zorich is very close to release. The experts say that this project will be one of the most prominent space simulator in all history of that genre.