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Faces of War: game description
  Faces of War  



What is it?

Faces of War is a brilliant result of evolution of the main RTS hit of 2004-2005 "Soldiers: Heroes of WW II". This is a tactical real time strategy, that is based on real events of the WW2.

In Russia this game known as a "V tilu vraga 2" (Outfront 2).


When it was released?

Game was released at September 8, 2006.

  Faces of War  


Who are creators?

The developing company: Best Way (Ukraine, Severodonetsk)

Russian publisher: 1C (Russia, Moscow)

World publisher: Ubisoft (France)


What's new?

In comparison with "Soldiers" "Faces of War" is much more dimensioned and much more spectacle. Gamer is able to keep under his control ample quantity of different units. The AI of soldiers and their enemies is noticeably improved. The flame throwers, amphibian tanks and many new features appeared. Much energy and creative work were put into naval and amphibious units.


What does Zorich make there?

As it was in "Soldiers" Alexander Zorich plays in development of this game both roles: the role of scenarist and the role of historical consultant.


How do historical consultants estimate the game's trustworthiness?

The outstanding physics of the game, the models of defense technology, that made with a great enthusiasm for work and the buildings with full destruction give experts a possibility to call "Faces of War" "one of the most realistic war simulator in history of computer games".

Can't believe it? When just climb into your tank and break through the fresh ice-hole, that just appeared on ice after tank shell explosion. You will believe it for sure!


What campaigns are waiting for us in that game?

A part of scenario text is still on a stage of tweaking. It is too soon to share the full information, concerning the detail of campaigns but at present developers can guarantee the main thing: the campaigns are dedicated to main belligerent of WW2 (USSR, USA, England, Germany). All the campaigns are based on real occurrences but sometimes skilled gamer will get a possibility to have an influence on results of famous battles.


What are the main peculiarities and advantages of the game?

"Soldiers", the predecessor of "Faces of War", was very spectacle game with marvelous game design. "Faces of War" inherited all the advantages of his predecessor and made important forward steps in graphics, physics and gameplay.


What says the press?


IGN preview:

"With release only a few months away, the gang at Ubisoft have sent us a couple of playable levels from Faces of War, the new World War 2 RTS from 1C and Bestway. Designed as a sequel to 2004's Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, Faces of War ups the ante in virtually ever single area. Graphics, mission design, intensity, and multiplayer options have all been expanded well beyond what we saw in the original game. If the two levels we've played are any indication, Faces of War will definitely set a high bar for other RTS games released in 2006."


Eurogamer preview:

"All in all, it seems that Faces of War is shaping up rather well. So if it ends up playing as good as it looks, what will the future hold for the series is there any chance of a sequel?"


Gamespot preview:

"If the two battles that we've seen thus far are any indication, Faces of War could very well be one of the first big surprises of 2006."



"Faces of War" official site:












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