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"Faces of War" PC game screenshots
  Faces of War  


"Faces of War" PC game is developed by "Best Way" studio. The scenario of the game has written by Alexander Zorich.



Soviet T-34-85 tankGerman Tiget tankFighting between German and American troopsAmerican Sherman tank
American Priest self-propelled gunCromwell and PriestTiger and King TigerWinter battle in Ardennes
German armoured group in actionSoviet T-34-85 tankThese heroes can stop them!German crew seats in tank
Silent town?Poin du Hoc cap in NormandyPoin du Hoc cap in NormandyAmerican P-51 fighters over Poin du Hoc cap
American P-51 fighterSoviet armoured gunboat (Oder river, 1945)Soviet sniperIce is so thin!
It's time for refuelingNice bazookas shotsKill the enemy officer!This Sherman has some problems
Tiger has shoted by bazookaM26 General Patton - is one of most monstorus heavy tanks of WWIISoviet 'Katusha'  rocket launcher kills German tanksSoviet troops are assaulting Reichstag
English bazookamanIt's a real man's job, sonny!Omaha beach assaultBastogne will be ours!
Last Tigers of HitlerBattle for beatiful villageJagdtigerSoviet T-34-85 tanks in Berlin. April, 1945
"Shermans" are knocking out German armoured train"Sherman Firefly" tankSoviet Army at Berlin 1945
American tanks in BelgiumArdennes winter 1944/1945American flamethrottlers
German easy howitzerD-Day, Normandy, 1944British cargo glider had crushed


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Draco fighter Jipsian fighterFulminator torpedo bomberOver the Concordian base


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