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Yana + Dmitry = Alexander Zorich Alexander Zorich is a pseudonim of the duet of two Russian writers: Yana Botsman and Dmitry Gordevsky. Both co-authors were born in 1973 in Kharkov (former USSR), graduated from University as a specialist in two disciplines mathematics and philosophy. In three years Dmitry and Yana defended their Ph.D. thesis in philosophy and during many years worked as assistant professors on Philosophical Faculty of Kharkov State University. In 2004 both canceled their contracts with University for being professional writers and scenarist... Contrary to widespread mistake co-authors are not married (and even not going to). As Alexander Zorich Yana Botsman and Dmitry Gordevsky are authors of 15 novels, that are very popular in Russia.
Rambler's Top100
The computer game "Tomorrow War" that made after the novel of Alexander Zorich is very close to release. The experts say that this project will be one of the most prominent space simulator in all history of that genre. The republication of Zorich's "Vault of Equilibrium" goes at full speed. The first book of cycle, "Love and Rule", appeared on Christmas. The second book "You Win" will be published in February. "The Combat Vehicle of Love" and "The Light Time of Night" are on a waiting list! AST Publishing declared, that the novel "Moscow Time" will appear in bookshops in the end February. But even now you can learn much that is new about future Russia and get to know many facts, that were not described in first and second books of Zorich's trilogy.