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 One Girl, One Pilot 
 The Tough Pilot 
 The Tomorrow War 
December 1, 2011
Good news! Alexander Zorich finished his work with a novel One Girl, One Pilot! This book is created specially for well-known book project "Tomorrow War Universe" leading by Alexander Zorich. This is a book about adventures of naive country girl Vasilisa, which wants to be a space pilot in spite of all hardship like buccaneers, pirats and monsters.
February 2, 2012
The triumph procession of a book Tough Pilot through the bookselling ratings is continuing!
"This is a truly outstanding book. Everything that it has is in place... I don't even know "Tough Pilot" to all space-lovers, to all book-clubber like me! You will never regret that you've purchased this novel! Swear!" This is a first reader's response in a biggest Russian online bookshop "Ozon".
January 25, 2012
The tenth edition of the Alexander Zorich's novel Tomorrow War is came true! Specially for collectors and book-hunters: this book is published in "Tomorrow War Universe" Series! This is anniversary edition of celebrated novel! (The first edition occurred in distant 2003 and since this date novel had found not only a market, but a relentless interest of readers.) Congratulations to Alexander Zorich and AST Publishing House!
Outlaw Pilot
December 23, 2011. The new Zorich's novel with a name Outlaw Pilot is going on sale! This book keeps on telling a story of fighter pilot Andrew Rumyantsev. After his service in concern "Diterhazi and Rodrigues" Andrew fall into a trap of pirate "Syndicate TRIX", to the most dangerous cut-throats of the Tremesian Belt... Meanwhile the war with Concordia is right on the threshold! And the secret services is went into action! Suddenly the speechless space outskirts became a bloody battlefield!

"Alexander Zorich has made his name in literature with a help of his optimistic novels about pilots and starships... And even this time he is not going to false to himself!"
Sergey Lukianenko, famous Russian SciFi writer

Short news of December, January, and February:

February 7, 2012. Hurray! Alexander Zorich finished his work with a novel Special Forces Pilot! The book is created in coauthorship with a gifted writer from St. Petersbourgh Klim Zhukoff. This book is continuing the story about Russian fighter pilot Andrew Rumyantsev. Now Rumyantsev works under the direction of almighty Mr. Ivanoff, in legendary Special Forces Space Squadron!

January 22, 2012. The Kettle Full of Cartridges - a fourth Alexander Zorich's book of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series - was re-published. So, the total circulation of this book is reached 100.000 copies.

December 18, 2011. The second edition of two celebrated novels of Alexander Zorich Tomorrow War and With no Mercy is now available like audiobooks! This time the fool versions of novels are on two disks! No more shortening!





Dmitry + Yana = Alexander Zorich

Alexander ZorichAlexander Zorich is a pseudonim of the duet of two Russian writers: Yana Botsman and Dmitry Gordevsky.
Both co-authors were born in 1973 in Kharkov (former USSR), graduated from University as a specialist in two disciplines: mathematics and philosophy. In three years Dmitry and Yana defended their Ph.D. thesis in philosophy.
In 2004 both canceled their contracts with University for being professional writers and scenarists... Contrary to widespread mistake co-authors are not married (and even not going to).
As Alexander Zorich Yana Botsman and Dmitry Gordevsky are authors of 30 novels that are very popular in Russia..

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June 5, 2011. The new book of Alexander Zorich with an enigmatic title Hyperstorm is now on offer! This book is written by Alexander Zorich with co-authorship with experienced writer Sergey Chelyaev from Kazan. This book is created for "The Zone of Death" series and narrates about the striking Odyssey of Yul "Navigator" Klevtsov, one of the best stalker of Five Zone World.August 20, 2011. After The Treasure of Vulture and Full Kettle of Cartridges were re-published the total circulation of Zorich books in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series exceeded 500.000 copies! A kind of record!October 12, 2011. Congratulations! 1C game Men of War: Red Tide is successfully released in Europe and USA! This A-class computer game was made by scenario of Alexander Zorich. In focus of the game "Men of War: Red Tide" the gamers can find the battles on Black Sea in 1941-1944 there Soviet sea infantry troopers showed an unexampled heroism.