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The Roman Star
 Roman Star 

A. Zorich. The Roman Star. Ц Moscow: AST. Ц 2010. Ц 320 p.


Previous edition:

A. Zorich. The Roman Star. Ц Moscow: AST. Ц 2007. Ц 285 p.



The new Alexander Zorich's novel "The Roman Star" will be published in AST-Publishing house in the end of fall 2006. This is a gripping detective story about the famous Ancient poet Ц Publius Ovidius Naso. The story of his exile and returning.



Historians could never answer a question what is a reason of Naso's exile. The novel "The Roman Star" tries to make it in a very gentle way.

This is a second historical novel of Alexnder Zorich. The first one was "Charles the Duke", that brought for his author lots of literary prizes and critics' praises.

"The Roman Star" differs from "Charles the Duke" almost in everything. Most of all in style and language. "The Roman Star" style brings a delicate aroma of Ancient Roman literature...

The Roman Star from a title of a novel is a mystical pentalfa of Pythagoreans...



 Selected chapters

Chapter 1. (In Russian)

Chapter 2. (In Russian)

Chapter 3. (In Russian)

Chapter 4. (In Russian)

Chapter 5. (In Russian)



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