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You Win

Last edition:

Alexander Zorich. You Win. M.: AST, 2006. 416 . (Sworn Worlds series).


Early editions:

Alexander Zorich. You Win. M.: Tsenterpolygraph, 2000. 496 p. (Crossroad of Gods series).


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Vault of Equilibrium dossier




"The Combat Vehicle of Love" is a third volume of "The Vault of Equilibrium" cycle.

Tetralogy consists of: "Love and Rule", "You Win", "The Combat Vehicle of Love", "The Light of Nighttime".


What Egin that has fallen into disgrace in The Vault of Equilibrium will find in Honey Beach, a godforsaken province of Varan Kingdom? Will it be boredom, hard drinking and slow ethical degradation? No, exiled Egin won't give up. There, in Honey Beach, Egin begins the investigation of the cruel murder of his collegue and this investigation yields lots of unexpected results: love of a foreign spy Luspena, fight with evil spirits and even his own death for the sake of mystical revival and transformation, according to the secret oracles of the Motley Path.

This is the second novel about knight Egin and omnipotent Vault of Equilibrium. It is full of humor and sudden turns of events.



The South neighbour of Varan weaves a plot against Great Prince and Kingdom. Inquisition is cleared for action!

What is real solitude of Varan Kingdom?

Attention! Devkater in air!



Selected chapters

Chapter 1. (In Russian)

Chapter 2. (In Russian)

Chapter 3. (In Russian)

Chapter 4. (In Russian)

Chapter 5. (In Russian)




Maps of Varan, Falm and Harrenian Union

The Vault of Equilibrium: "In the name of Prince and Truth!" (Russian)

The Circle of Lands encyclopaedia (Russian)








Rambler's Top100
New novelette: "Children of Onegin and Tatiana" (Just another story about "Tomorrow War" world.) Stories collector "New Legends 2005" were published by "Azbooka". Alexander Zorich presented in this book by "Every Soldier has a Bride" story. "Tomorrow War" trilogy is ended. Last volume, "Moscow Time", will be publish by AST in February or March 2006.