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The Ways of Starborned

A. Zorich. The Ways of Starborned (novel). Moscow: EKSMO, Absolute Magic Series. - 1998. 448 p.

Second edition:
The Ways of Starborned. Moscow: Tsenterpolygraph, The Worlds of Alexander Zorich Series. 2001. 492 p.

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The dark shade of Oktang Urhaine is again upon the Circle of Lands. The Year of Taia-Aroan brings him lots of breath-taking prospects. Urhaine finds the way to correct events of the past and bends Sarmontazara in his will. He makes Sarmontazara's people follow the Way of Blessed Prosperity. Now the star borned brothers of the Dark Lord ought to fight the enemy, whose power is greatly multiplied.

This lyrical book concludes the cycle The Ways of Starborned, it ends the plotlines and leaves the reader intrigued concerning the future of Sarmontazara and its people.

The Ways of Starborned trilogy: "The Sign of Destruction", "The Seed of Wind", "The Ways of Starborned".




Oktang Urhaine live!

In first edition this book is called "The Ways of Reflected"

Intricative plot and dizzy adventures




Chapter 1. (In Russian)

Chapter 2. (In Russian)

Chapter 3. (In Russian)

Chapter 4. (In Russian)

Chapter 5. (In Russian)




Vasily Midianin. Nigredo Albedo [translate this with Altavista]




Sarmontazara and Blue Alustral maps

Heroes of "The Ways of Starborned" trilogy

The Circle of Lands encyclopaedia (in Russian)

Brief Sarmontazara and Blue Alustral world description








Rambler's Top100
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