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The Seed of Wind

A. Zorich. The Seed of Wind (novel). Moscow: EKSMO, Absolute Magic Series. 1997. 464 p.

Second edition:
A. Zorich. The Seed of the Wind. Moscow: Tsenterpolygraph, The Worlds of Alexander Zorich Series. 2001. 492 p.


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The House of Kongetlars, hired assassins and invincible warriors, is completely destroyed in a horrible civil war. Gerfegest Kongetlar the last warrior of the fallen House is hiding in the mountain sanctuary to protect ancestral magical artifact The Seed of Wind. However he is unsafe even on the edge of civilization. Magicians of the Circle of Lands are trying hard to capture The Seed of Wind for the great war which might have no victors. Gerfegest Kongetlar is drawn into a round of bloody intrigues, breaking down majestic Houses of Blue Alustral...

This fantasy novel is famous among other things for its exquisite erotic atmosphere and battle scenes. The Seed of Wind is the second book of cycle The Ways of Starborned ("The Sign of Destruction", "The Seed of Wind", "The Ways of Starborned").




Men of sword, men of honour...

Epic naval campaigns




Chapter 1. (In Russian)

Chapter 2. (In Russian)

Chapter 3. (In Russian)

Chapter 4. (In Russian)

Chapter 5. (In Russian)




Vasily Midianin. Nigredo Albedo [translate this with Altavista]



Sarmontazara and Blue Alustral maps

Heroes of "The Ways of Starborned" trilogy

The Circle of Lands encyclopaedia (in Russian)

Brief Sarmontazara and Blue Alustral world description








Rambler's Top100
New novelette: "Children of Onegin and Tatiana" (Just another story about "Tomorrow War" world.) Stories collector "New Legends 2005" were published by "Azbooka". Alexander Zorich presented in this book by "Every Soldier has a Bride" story. "Tomorrow War" trilogy is ended. Last volume, "Moscow Time", will be publish by AST in February or March 2006.