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One Girl, One Pilot
The Tomorrow War Universe Series
 The Pilot Girl 

One Girl, One Pilot (novel). – Moscow: AST, The Tomorrow War Universe Series. – 2012. – 444 p.


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It is a seventh book of "Tomorrow War" epopee. Genre: space opera, dedicated to peace and war in our galaxy.

This stad-alone novel does not belong to a tetralogy about Andrew Rumiantsev space pilot (that consists of novels"The Tough Pilot", "The Outlaw Pilot", "The Special Forces Pilot", "The Warring Pilot").

The admirers of Zorich's novel "Tomorrow War" are passionately waiting for "One Girl, One Pilot"!

AST-publishing house assures that this book will be printed until the April 2012.
Zorich says it would be a real surprise for all SF-fans!

Russian Space Military propaganda

Proud of Russia!


"Class A" PC game creates by the trilogy "Tomorrow War"

"Tomorrow War" epopee was honored with "Better Space SF" Prize on SF-Convention "Strannik-2008".

It's an absolutely science fiction!



Military propaganda, 27th century

Calendar 2622


"Tomorrow War": Zorich's interview (in Russian)

Explanatory review in "Mir fantastiki" magazine (in Russian)

World of the trilogy "Tomorrow War"

"Tomorrow War" game, official site




  ZER-1 "Rokot" Heavy Fighter of Russian Directory Space Fleet mosquito forces  

ZER-1 "Rokot" Heavy Fighter of 'Purple Tigers' buccaneer clan mosquito forces


  Torpedo bomber ""Fulminator fights Jips aliens 'Comb' spacecrafts 

Torpedo bomber ""Fulminator fights Jips aliens 'Comb' spacecrafts


 Florosoids of Naotar live Twillight Forest 

Florosoids of Naotar live Twillight Forest


Galaxy Maps


 Great Race Sphere 

Central regions of Great Race Sphere


 Alternate presentaion of Central regions of Great Race Sphere 

Alternate presentaion of Central regions of Great Race Sphere








Rambler's Top100
New novelette: "Children of Onegin and Tatiana" (Just another story about "Tomorrow War" world.) Stories collector "New Legends 2005" were published by "Azbooka". Alexander Zorich presented in this book by "Every Soldier has a Bride" story. "Tomorrow War" trilogy is ended. Last volume, "Moscow Time", will be publish by AST in February or March 2006.