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Nothing Sacred

Alexander Zorich. Nothing Sacred. (Collector.). M.: AST, 2005. 416 p. (Star Labyrinth Series).


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  "Nothing Sacred" is a stories collector that gathered novelettes and stories that were written in a period from 1991 to 2004. The best Zorich's novelettes "Axes and Lotuses", "Nothing Sacred", "Conan and Death", "We are Undivided", "Grey Tulip", stories "The Second Deed of Siegfried", "The Perjures", "Oh, sergamena!", "Halloween" are under one cover first time in a history of Russian fantasy.



The first stories collector in personal history of Alexander Zorich

The most of the novelettes appeared in short lists or became laureats of different literary competitions

Each text of a book is forestalled with a preface written by author



Table of contents

Axes and Lotuses (in Russian)

Nothing Sacred (in Russian)

Grey Tulip (in Russian)

Conan and Death (in English)

The Second Deed of Siegfried (in Russian)

The Perjures (in Russian)

Oh , sergamena! (in Russian)

We are Undivided (in Russian)

Halloween (in English)








Rambler's Top100
New novelette: "Children of Onegin and Tatiana" (Just another story about "Tomorrow War" world.) Stories collector "New Legends 2005" were published by "Azbooka". Alexander Zorich presented in this book by "Every Soldier has a Bride" story. "Tomorrow War" trilogy is ended. Last volume, "Moscow Time", will be publish by AST in February or March 2006.