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Charles the Duke
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Alexander Zorich. Charles the Duke. M.: Tsenterpolygraph, 2001. 464 p. (Worlds of Alexander Zorich series).

Alexander Zorich. The First Sword of Burgundy. , . M.: Tsenterpolygraph, 2001. 478 p. (Worlds of Alexander Zorich series).


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"Charles the Duke" is a novel about Charles the Bold, last Duke of Burgundy.

At the time time of first edition of "Charles the Duke" Tsenterpolygraph publishing made a decision to publish the huge novel in two volumes with two different names. This is how one novel became a dilogy in the bookshops. The first part got the name "Charles the Duke" and the second one the name "The First Sword of Burgundy".


Terrible curse is hanging over the Dukes of Burgundy because the birth of prince Charles, the heir apparent of the duchy, is paid with a blood of innocent. But the Great Duke of the West still has reliable allies and powerful protectors in the next world. And so does his enemy Luis XI, King of France, who wants to unite the country under his absolute authority...

The genre of this novel is alternative history. Author combines comprehensive knowledge of the historic background with modern language giving fresh interpretation of well known historical personalities.

In a second part of "Charles the Duke" novel young man, killed years ago, has been returned to the world of living by the wizards' magical power. Death or prosperity will this man bring to the duchy of Burgundy? This gallant killer, invulnerable to arrows and blades is known by many names: Martin Von Osthoffen, Knight-in-Scarlet, Dominique... Who will stop him the soldiers of Teutonic Order, experienced inquisitors, Italian cannoniers or Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold himself? On the snow-covered battlefield Knight-in-Scarlet is destined to meet The First Sword of Burgundy in deadly duel...

The genre of the novel is alternative history and continues the plotlines started in Charles the Duke novel. These two books were recognized by critics of Ex Libris magazine as the best fiction novels of the year 2001.




The most striking novel of Alexander Zorich

The best Russian book of 2001 according to Ex Libris book review

The full Charles the Bold's biography: from cradle to death




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