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Awards of Alexander Zorich



Alexander Zorich's novels "Charles the Duke" and "The First Sword of Burgundy" won the recognition of Professional Jury and got the title "The Best Book of 2001 of Fantastic Genre".

The same dilogy obtained a diploma of Association of Ukrainian Philologists "The Best Novel of 2001".

The novel "Charles the Duke" became also a Prize Winner one of the most prestigious Russian literary competition "Teneta-2002".


"The War Tomorrow" novel was honored with "Growth Universe" Prize on annual SF Convention "Portal-2004".


The novel "With No Mercy" became a winner of the Prize of Readers Sympathy "Ivan Kalita" on Bastcon Convention (Moscow). Moreover the professional jury also voted for the "With No Mercy" and this novel brought to Alexander Zorich the "Cup of Bastcon". In September 2005 Alexander Zorich were rewarded with Special Prize of Organizational Committee on Star-Bridge Convention (Kharkov). According statute The Special Prize is presented to author of the best artistic description of Kharkov in SF and fantasy novels.


Alexander Zorich won the "Sword of Bastcon" Main Prize at SF Convention "Bastcon -2006".










Rambler's Top100
AST Publishing declared, that the novel "Moscow Time" will appear in bookshops in the end February. But even now you can learn much that is new about future Russia and get to know many facts, that were not described in first and second books of Zorich's trilogy. The republication of Zorich's "Vault of Equilibrium" goes at full speed. The first book of cycle, "Love and Rule", appeared on Christmas. The second book "You Win" will be published in February. "The Combat Vehicle of Love" and "The Light Time of Night" are on a waiting list! The computer game "The War Tomorrow" that made after the novel of Alexander Zorich is very close to release. The experts say that this project will be one of the most prominent space simulator in all history of that genre.